we all float on

I was finally  called on as a sub today. I arrived at work to find an email in my inbox saying that the art teacher had called in and they needed me to cover the first two periods of the day. Of course, since this is in my job description, I said yes. (I would have said yes anyway.)

While “supervising” the second period art class I received a second email, saying that another sub had been called away on an emergency, and needed someone to “sit in” on the middle school band during third period.

And I thought: It might be middle school, but it is music, and I would only be sitting in on the class. So I emailed them back and said I could do it.

I am exceedingly thankful for all those music classes of mom’s that I sat through, since third period found me not simply sitting in on the class,  but standing in front of two saxophones, a trumpet, a tuba, and three percussionists, conducting Beethoven’s La Romanza with a pencil, of all things.

It was a singular experience.

we all float on

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