I had an interview today for a position as a K-5 Spanish teacher in a neighboring county.

It was kind of a surprising phone call that I received a few days ago–someone calling from the Bartow County School system (to which I had applied a couple of months back–for High School Spanish) asking if I would be interested in teaching at the elementary level.

“Well,” said I. “I’m not exactly certified to teach elementary.”

“But you’re certified to teach High School?” asked the voice on the other end of the line.

Dangit. “No, but I’ve taken the necessary exams for High School Spanish certification.”

“But would you be willing to become certified for Elementary level Spanish?”

I pondered this a moment, feeling rather like I did all those years ago when Mom, Dad, Aunt Pam and I decided to go two-stepping with Donald Earl, even though we had never been two-stepping before, and had no idea what to expect. At that moment you are intrigued and excited by the challenge. And so I answered:


So today I made the trek practically from one end of the metro area to another, first on state roads then an interstate and then state roads again, until I passed over train tracks into a downtown area straight out of The Music Man. I had printed off a map for myself from Google, and now I looked carefully for the next-to-last turn I would make, to be sure I wouldn’t miss it. When I finally found it I ended up on a road too similar to the one I grew up on–no lines or anything–and by the time I had come to another railroad crossing, except this one with no lights or signals, just one of those Guess-When-The-Train-Is-Coming railroad crossings I really did laugh out loud. There is, I suppose, something very strange about being in the heart of the city one minute and the heart of the country the next, and I suppose the whole thing felt rather surreal to begin with. In a way I felt as if I had driven all the way back to Kentucky.

I found the school, then back-tracked to a gas station to change clothes (as the trip was long and my AC isn’t working at the moment). As I stepped out of my car I received a few stares; I guess since I was still in my sunglasses and pencil skirt and very high heels I looked like I had just driven from yuppie town. I restrained myself from running towards them with arms outstretched, saying “Do not fear! I am one of you!” but instead made my way inside to the bathroom.

It occurred to me, once inside, that some random redhead ducking into a country bathroom and emerging with a complete different set of clothes might look a little on the suspicious side, maybe like I was running from something. So I took a couple of minutes to buy a Vanilla Coke and some beef jerky before heading on.

The interview went well. The more time passes, the more I am intrigued by the idea. I deliberated on the way home between a position at the school I’m at now and the position at the elementary school (should either be offered to me) and felt rather like I was being pulled in two directions. Finally I threw up my hands (as safely as you can while driving) and said, “Alright! I’d take them both; You decide.” And that was that.


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  1. I wanted to comment last night, the first time I read this, but was too sleepy.  Which school is the closest?  Sounds as if you did a lot of driving, and over two RR tracks. (I don’t like driving over any RR track.)We went to see Expelled yesterday afternoon.  Have you seen it?  We thought it very good, and everyone should go see it.

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