close encounters of the amphibian kind

I awoke in the middle of the night to the sound of Nemo [our cat] calling out in her best “mother cat” voice. You know–the deeper, prolonged, purr-meows. I heard her coming into our room and, as I turned over to shush her, she leaped up onto the bed and dropped next to my pillow the lizard that she had caught.

I looked at it, (though, in the semi-darkness, I could not tell if it was looking back at me) and it paused a moment before beginning to creep away. At its movement, she snatched it up again and happily tripped from the room, mewling to herself as she went. 

close encounters of the amphibian kind

3 thoughts on “close encounters of the amphibian kind

  1. @crabapplejelly – yep! Nemo and I. I did not thank her–though I did tell her I was proud of her (she has caught three lizards in two days.) Two lizards she brought to me. The third she found while I was in the room, so she didn’t take it anywhere, just played with it there on the rug. I think she does feel the need to show us what she’s found. Now, if she had brought me a spider, I would most definitely have vacated the premises.

  2. My cat has brought me birds, mice and butterflies. We hardly have any lizards here, though, so the chance of receiving one of those is (thank goodness) very slim!

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