qu’est-ce que je vais faire?

So the elementary school called me yesterday and offered me the position.

Now what do I do?



:::edit::: *points to TRUE badge under profile pic* Hurrah! I am TRUE xanga-er!


:::edit II::: I accepted the job. 

qu’est-ce que je vais faire?

15 thoughts on “qu’est-ce que je vais faire?

  1. A high angle shot of Amelie skipping rocks on a spot of water that tracks down to show that it is the top of something that turns into a waterfall.-Zack

  2. Thrifting really is the best. Finding great clothes for pennies is amazing and can’t be beat. If there was a television show about thrifting, I am dumb enough that I would watch it *ha* Any amazing thrift buys?

  3. man! i’ve had xanga since 2001 and i didn’t get any sort of special badge like “xanga fossil” or anything. =((here’s a mini for you! 

  4. OK, so I checked it out and I’m at 74% towards becoming a true member. I have to post more and comment more. 74% is pretty good, though.Any news? Will it be a full-time job? How cool that there are American elementary schools teaching foreign language now , too. Too many schools only start in high school and that’s way too late. Most Dutch schools start in the 5th grade teaching English, and the rest start in the 6th grade. When they hit middle school, German and/or French are taught as well as Latin and Greek on the highest level. We value foreign language highly ;).

  5. @dutchnic – Foreign language at an elementary level is  not new for the US–it actually was the norm until the last couple of decades. and no, 74% is not bad at all. 🙂

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