What We’ve Been Up To

This is long overdue, mostly because we haven’t been able to find the cord for our camera. But here are some before and after shots of our guest bedroom.



In other news, we leave for Paris in 4 days. Yay!

What We’ve Been Up To

6 thoughts on “What We’ve Been Up To

  1. i love the colors you chose. light blue + white + brown = one of my favorite combos.i have a friend in paris right now! i’m jealous of both of you now.

  2. Paris? Great! How did this happen? I saw and talked with your dad Memorial Day weekend and he didn’t say what grand things you were up to. By the by, I love the guest room.auntie s

  3. Anonymous says:

    looks fantastic !i should probably come visit and sleep there and then hide in your suitcases for france.  i so miss europe …  you may or may not have known that one of my longterm goals in life is to get a job at the british school outside of prague.  *sigh*i do get to go to florida, though, which is nice.  but i have to get through the last week of school and workdays.  bah.

  4. it was kinda difficult to fold at parts.. my first one came out okay. i think i need to use thicker paper and make a few other small technical changes. anyways, here’s the pattern for it! :Dhttp://bp1.blogger.com/_LSGnycsyeI4/R9h7i4jkaSI/AAAAAAAAARQ/tyFGdJo6mu0/s1600-h/ceiling_cat.jpg

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