I have been meaning to update for ages; I really have.

No! I mean it.

Ok…you’re right. By “ages” I really mean “weeks”. But still…! it is the thought that counts.

…Alright, alright, maybe thinking isn’t the same as writing.

But the point is that I am here now. So hide your rotten tomatoes, and put down your picket signs demanding news.

Today completed Full-Week-Of-Teaching-Number-Two. I really, really, really like my job. Alot. I mean, it’s challenging, but I enjoy it. This is a nice change from last year. And the year before that. And the year before that…

Benefit of Working with Small Children in Rural Area no. 1:
    The surname “Krans” is easily misunderstood, leading to various kindergarteners crying for “Miz Crayons!” for help, or 5th graders asking your name, then asking “So, what color crayon are you?”

Kids are quite excited about learning Spanish. This is a plus, and makes my job easier. I love walking down the hall and hearing various holas and buenos diases and look, there’s the Spanish Teacher!s.

Benefit of Working with Small Children in Rural Area no. 2:
    Stopping at a gas station near school and suddenly hearing your name being called from the SUV next to you, and looking to see three or four students hanging out the windows and waving.

The house has half a kitchen, complete with stove and working sink, hurrah! Thusly, this Monday saw Allis unpacking the very first box of kitchen supplies (namely pots and pans and silverware, and a few cups). Tuesday heralded the momentous occasion of First Meal Cooked in “New” House since Oct. 2007. And there was (and continues to be) much rejoicing.


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  1. Glad to read you like it! I go back tomorrow…How did you eat for the past year? Were you not able to cook at all? Does that mean you had to eat out or get take-out every night? This Dutch girl is shocked!

  2. SO glad you are back.  If it were not for you and dutchnic and occasionally justplanedwight, this xanga would really die. Glad you are enjoying teaching, and seems the students are enjoying their Spanish teacher. What color crayon have they decided you are?  I would never think of turning Krans into Crayon, but I guess it makes sense to a kindergartener.Glad you can cook now.  Didn’t you even have a microwave and coffee-pot? I hear you are doing a fabulous job with redecorating.

  3. @crabapplejelly – In truth, it’s sometimes the inactivity that makes it hard to keep this journal going. At least I know people are reading, even if they don’t always say something. :)I’m not entirely sure how Krans got turned into crayons, though they’re often pronounced the same, but when the kids get my name wrong they’re not pronouncing them the same way. The latter syllable in crayons is really over-phoneticized. (Which isn’t a word…until now.) I’m not sure that works, really. lol!We did have a microwave and coffeemaker, though the microwave was used for Ramen and/or re-heating pizza.

  4. HURRAY!!!!I know you are the sweetest Spanish teacher ever and you are going to have many little fans everywhere.We were so excited to hear about the good spaghetti dinner.  I am so happy for you both.MOMMA (crayons)

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