It’s just more material for that book.

One day I will write a book about a girl who always says she will write a book, but never does. Instead she updates Xanga and writes lesson plans.

My kindergarten and first graders have been learning colors for the past couple of weeks. To help us practice (and also to get them up and moving–what a wiggly age!) we play a game called Find the Color in which I tell them a color in Spanish and they walk around the room, find something of the particular color, then point to it. It’s quite fun.

Things had gone quite smoothly with the game, really, until last Wednesday, during the Kindergarten period. We had made it through almost all the colors, when we got to the color negro–black. So I told the children: Find me something that’s negro! Then looked around the room to see two of the kids pointing to a little African-American girl, who is grinning at them, then me, and she says, “Hey! I’m brown!” I reminded them quickly that other students were off-limits in the game.

It’s always an adventure.

In case anyone has tried to get ahold of either Jeremy or I in the past couple of weeks, my sincerest apologies. Our phones are dead and our charger broken; another is in the mail.

It’s just more material for that book.

7 thoughts on “It’s just more material for that book.

  1. I love the little girl’s response.Sorry for the random visit. I was just looking through some old posts of mine and saw a comment you’d left. There was a True badge next to your name, so I figured you must still be blogging.

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