For weeks I’ve been plighted with this strange, unidentified, obnoxious chirp, chirp, chirp sound that would repeat itself incessantly. I first heard it from the upstairs bathroom (the one that has no windows…the sound came straight through the walls. THAT obnoxious.) I thought it might be squirrels in the attic or maybe a pipe dripping…with really loud, obnoxious water.

A few days later, however, I heard the sound again, loud and clear, while in the kitchen. Apparently it was coming from the pretty-ish sort of wilderness that is our backyard. It went on for several minutes; it was quite measured and regular. The actual source, however, remained elusive.

Today, while at home (fall break!) and wasting time with a cup of coffee, I heard the sound once more and rushed to the window, hoping desperately to catch a glimpse of whatever beast or fowl was making that accursed sound. And glimpse it I did, for it was nothing but a little goldfinch, sitting in a tree by the porch, in plain view.

He was so pretty that I felt sort of bad for being so irritated with him.

I guess this means I need a goldfinch feeder.

Anyways, I changed my site colors in his honor.


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  1. my parents have, within the year, become obsessed with bird watching.  We have at least four feeders in our back yard and it’s not unusul for a pair of binoculars to being resting on the counter, ready for them to grab in case some new bird flutters into our yard. 

  2. Those are beautiful birds. We had a few around our feeder when we used to stock it. We’ve found now that we don’t stock it that more birds are nesting in our backyard than before. Strange.

  3. How’s the chirping? Does it sound beautiful yet, now you know who makes that sound? Or is it still annoying?I never thought to use Google. There’s a lot of cool stuff out there (duh dutchnic!). I found an image I really like. Thanks for the tip!

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