pianos and pajaros

Say hello to our newest family member:


A fantastic find. May I now say that I have the most considerate and loving husband in the world? Because I believe I do. I am one spoiled Allis.

So I’ve spent the evening clearing a spot in the living room for the piano to live in. In the process I found a couple of cooks I’ve been looking for…though not those books, Grandma…and one paper from the LIN 495 class I took my last semester in college. It was a little surreal to read–probably like having a real piano again will be. Although, I have been completely converted from my previous “ACK NO ELECTRIC INSTRUMENTS” mentality, to say the least. I have quite enjoying my little electric piano, and will most assuredly play it from time to time, particularly when I feel the need to play a pipe organ or vibraphone, or the entire string section of an orchestra.

Birds seen/heard to date:

Tufted Titmouse
Wood thrush
Downy Woodpecker
Blue Jay
Long-Eared Owl (I think)
…and a Red Tailed Hawk, perched on the truck, of all places.


pianos and pajaros

6 thoughts on “pianos and pajaros

  1. Congrats to you, darling.  I know you’ve wanted one of these since you were a teenager or even before.As to having the MOST considerate and loving husband, I think I would have to consider it a tie.

  2. The piano is pretty and I’m sure it will sound heavenly – but the entirety of it strikes a completely and utterly deaf chord when compared to infused rapture my spirit beholds when I hear you say my name coupled with “I love you.”  You are worth more than a million of these pianos.

  3. Ohmygosh…I’m crying.  Erin, because I know how you wanted one and because I read my brothers comment as well.  I have the BEST brother and Sis-in-law in the whole world.  Who’s the lucky one now??Erin, you need to check out my new hair-visit the blog:)

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