So the piano is here, and it’s been tuned.

And yes, I have spent the majority of the day playing it. Why do you ask?

The rest of the day I’ve been in bed with a horrible headache (and EYEache) and I think I’m finally coming into my “inheritance”, so to speak, since recently I’ve had several very, very bad headaches. Fortunately I haven’t had one while at school. Yet.

In other news, we have a working fridge in the kitchen, now! Hurrah!

Last Thursday I was about 35 minutes into my 2nd grade class when the door opened and the Principal walked in. (This isn’t anything out of the ordinary. She routinely visits everyone’s classrooms at least two or three times a week.) But then someone came in after her. And another person. And another. And the Elementary Curriculum Coordinator (this is where I started to get nervous.) So I just stood there and kept talking, hoping my hands weren’t shaking too noticeably, while person after person filed into my room, looked around, talked to a couple of kids, and went out again. I don’t know how many there were…from where I was standing, it looked like “lots”. Or, perhaps more likely, “too many.”

I found out later that it was all the Elementary School Assistant Principals for the county. They were holding a meeting at the school, and had decided to take a look around. Apparently I wasn’t the only person completely freaked out about it, either. The thing was, since the Curriculum Coordinator was there, it looked like a Focus Walk…which is a BIG DEAL, and not something that they ever spring on you without significant and ample warning.

This place certainly knows how to keep one on one’s toes.



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  1. Yeah that always freaks me out too, when the principal and other VIPs walk in… I agree with Eric though, keep on keeping on. They hired you for a reason, so if you’ve prepared your lesson well there should be nothing to worry about, right?

  2. The curriculum coord. came into my room yesterday.  She is my direct supervisor.   I had five kids at that time.  She sat right in the middle of them and participated both in teaching and answering questions.  I tried not to be too nervous.   But when I saw her today, she was still talking about what I needed to change.  I guess it falls under constructive criticism.

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