Close Encounters of the Bird Kind

(Ok, I’ll admit: my own shameless pun of a title has me giggling uncontrollably.)

Yesterday, as I was waiting at a stoplight during my drive home from work, I glanced to the right and was shocked to see two turkeys on the side of the road. Two turkeys, in the middle of surburbia, pecking away at the side of the road. After I overcame my initial shock, I shouted to them, “Don’t you know Thanksgiving is coming?! Run away!” (Which they did not–run away, that is.) Once the light turned green, though, I surmised that the side of the road in the middle of a city was probably the safest place for them, anyways, as most people in the area wouldn’t know what to do with a turkey even if it bit them on the nose. Further out in the country, however….

I presume the turkeys probably knew to fortune of their situation, and were exploiting it to their favor. Who knew turkeys were so pretentious? Strutting around, just days before Thanksgiving.


In other completly random wildlife sightings, Jeremy was driving home two days ago, and pulled into our cul-de-sac, only to see a four-point buck standing there admist the houses. I still cannot escape the utter strangeness of such an encounter, though I did go straight to the backyard yesterday afternoon (once arriving home) to see if there were any other deer present.

There weren’t.

My third interesting wildlife encounter for the week came about a week ago, when I was gazing out the window into the backyard just in time to see our resident hawk swoop down and grab a squirrel right off the branch said squirrel was sitting on. Poor little guy probably never even saw that coming.

Close Encounters of the Bird Kind

3 thoughts on “Close Encounters of the Bird Kind

  1. Those Turkeys were there to make your LONG drive home more interesting.  But that poor squirrel!  I am not too fond of Hawks.  We haven’t seen deer here this year.  Some years they have come to the apple tree to eat the apples that have fallen.Have you had many pretty leaves in your ‘woods’ (backyard)?  We are looking forward to Thursday!  Love U

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