It’s still morning, right?

I just realized I’ve been parked on the sofa for the past two hours. Remy is sleeping soundly in the swing next to me, and I’m trying to decide what task I’m going to dedicate the day to. Then I see the clock; it’s almost noon. Seven hours of my day are practically gone. Is it too late to make a to-do list? 

I’ve checked facebook and designsponge and my e-mail countless times. I’ve looked at houses under $50,000 in Franklin and Russellville and Auburn, Ky. I’ve compared the headlines on the Fox News website to those on CNN’s. (You know I’m really stalling when I do that.) I’ve looked up silent reflux in infants, and photos of the tsunami and earthquake in Japan. I read webcomics on Deviantart. I hate the Internet. I love the Internet.

It’s still morning, right?

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