five months

Likes: his feet, trying to put things in his mouth, water, being thrown in the air, jumping in the johnny-jump-up, jumping on mommy’s lap, jumping in general, the squeaky monkey toy, Mimi’s voice, Tatey Time, zrbts (sort of), sleeping, almost sitting on his own, staying awake in the late afternoon, that baby in the mirror.


Dislikes: going to sleep, Mozart*, Tummy Time, teething, 2 a.m., lying on the floor for long periods of time, any action that might possibly indicate that we’re getting ready for a nap. 



16 lbs 12 oz. 27″ tall (approx). 
(We lack five ounces in tripling our birth weight.)
Eating every four hours (give or take).
Down to two full and one catnap. 


Growing up too fast.



*there is a story there.

five months

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