eleven months

likes: eating; crawling; standing; crawling and standing to avoid napping; the Peter Rabbit Finger Puppet Book; sippy cups; growling; roaring; making other patently masculine noises; being noisy in general; going for walks; moving, moving, moving; things that make a lovely rattle-y noise; banging things against other things to make a very loud noise; turning on the radio in his room; flirting; the scrunchy face; clapping; waving; the “Shakespearean Pose” (which Mommy still hasn’t managed to capture on camera); being out-and-about; rocking to music; mum-mums. 

dislikes: Standing up in the crib and not knowing how to get back down; turning up the radio in his room too loud; new people who get too close too fast; being told “no”; naps that are too short; being hungry; bland food; being kept up past his bedtime; pulling up on the record player and not knowing how to get back down; when the radio suddenly turns on, very loud, for no good reason (he still can’t figure out that he’s turning it on); puffs.


One year has almost come and gone.
From 5 lbs 11 oz to 21 lbs or more.
Wearing 12-18 month clothing.
Sleeping 12+ hours at night since 6 months.
A real talker, a shameless flirt.
Animal lover.
Figures Mommy is A-OK, but is really glad when Daddy comes home.
Mr. Personality.
Biggie Fats.
Mr. Remy-Roo.

eleven months

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