thirteen months

likes: Daddy; calling Daddy “Daddy”; the cats; the geese at the park; putting his feet on things; trying to climb everything; being outdoors; sticks; avoiding naps; lights; baths; water in general; having his hands washed; the whiffenpoof song; singing with Daddy; jabbering emphatically while pointing at things; signing “all done” and “more”; pumping his fist and saying “Yes!”* (which sounds like “Jesh!”); putting his alphabet blocks in the basket and then cheering for himself.

 dislikes: Walking without something in both hands; when very fun activities come to an end; signing “please”; being placed on the changing table; being told “no”; being taken inside after playing outside; calling Mommy “Mommy”; cutting molars; when things don’t go his way; the church nursery.

This month brought out a lot of changes in us–Mommy is bracing herself for looking forward to what the next month will bring!




*I have no idea where that came from and I’m certain he’s not saying “yes”, but it sounds an awful lot like it and makes the people at the grocery store/doctor’s office/wherever we happen to be chuckle.

thirteen months

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