fourteen months

this month, we:

cut two molars (that makes eight teeth!)
made mommy cry by refusing to eat dinner practically everyday for weeks
developed an intense love of “ruff-ruffs” (dogs)
found out we are going to have a baby brother
officially dropped from two naps to one
learned that the fake cry does not sway mommy and daddy
learned that the fake laugh does in fact make mommy and daddy laugh
discovered that we can do things to make mommy and daddy laugh, and repeat them for the same reaction
continued to refuse to sign “please”
went from sleeping twelve straight hours at night to thirteen (and sometimes thirteen and a half)
went to the zoo for the first time
found a love for onomatopoeic words

fourteen months

2 thoughts on “fourteen months

  1. OK you have a brilliant son who loves onomatopoeic words—what is that?  I can’t take the time to look it up.  That would be too easy.I always love these monthly reports.  You are so good.  Thanks, dearie, we love you.

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