a list for clive

Are you a list person?

I’m not–except when I am. I only like lists if I can write them on paper–somehow, the act of causing words to travel from thought to brain to nervous system to fingers to pen and paper is, I guess, more intentional than just typing, and I instantly feel more productive, as if I had made a list with “make a list” as the first item, and I can now cross it off. So, some days when I think, I really need to make a list, I immediately reject the idea because I haven’t any scrap paper, and there you go.

Then, other times, I like lists because lists are good and necessary and motivating, and when I think I havent any paper I immediately answer myself make one anyway, because really your brains are so scrambled by 23 weeks that you don’t even really know what day it is, let alone what you need to accomplish in the very near future. Case in point: I have a huge project underway at the moment, and it’s taking far longer than it really should. This is because when I have a free moment, instead of tackling the next step, I suddenly forget what steps are even remaining. OK. So I need a list. Here it is.

For two weeks, now, we’ve been remodeling our guest room as a shared nursery for our son and his soon-to-be baby brother. I thought the whole process might take a week. Ha.

Here’s what’s left to do:

  • paint crib
  • paint rocking chair
  • paint ikea baskets
  • sew curtains
  • make clive’s name in branches
  • sew cushions for rocking chair
  • make mobile for changing table
  • move ephraim’s crib
  • move closet (ugh)

Hoo boy. There it is. Well, the crib and rocking chair are being painted today. That’s a start.



a list for clive

4 thoughts on “a list for clive

  1. It’s so good to see you writing again.  I can hear you saying, “Like, when do I have time to write?”  From our point of view, you two are getting much done but I know when you want it done, you want it done and any delay seems forever.   Everything is looking great.  Thanks for all the pics.  Time is going by quite quickly.  We hope to be part of the push in a few weeks.  Love you.

  2. “No remodel ever happens in the time frame that we think it will.”    I think that this is a quote somewhere, although I cannot remember where I read or heard it.  Everything looks great!  I know how unsettling things can feel when a room is “undone”, and you’ve certainly had your time of rooms being “undone” lately. You’re not far from finishing.  Perhaps I can come and help with that closet. 🙂  I agree with MommaKrans that it is good to see you writing again. 

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