not on the list

Remember how, last week, we remembered we had a paint sprayer? And how really, really easy it was to use said paint sprayer? And how I said we were combing the house for things that could be paint sprayer-ed?

Oh, I didn’t say that? Well, I’m saying it now.

There’s not really anything from the nursery list that needed more paint. I considered painting the baskets we got from IKEA, but decided that I liked them better natural. (Or, really, Jeremy convinced me they would be better natural. If it were up to me, the whole nursery might be painted now. Paint sprayer-ed, I mean. Good thing he is here.)

One thing we knew could really, really use a coat of paint was our wicker set. We got it last year at a yard sale, and it’s spent most of the past year in our screened porch. Until the front porch got painted in February; then I moved some pieces to the front porch. As is usually the case with wicker sets, the pieces that were more exposed to the elements have started to weather a bit. We’ve been talking about painting them for a little while, but now that we’ve remembered that we have the tool to do it, we decided to go ahead with it. Even though it’s not on “the list”.

So, once we got home from church and got the boy down for a nap, we got cracking on hauling the set out to the front lawn. (Does anyone else throw themselves into DIY projects while their children are sleeping? Just us?) 

(notice the big blue spot from painting the crib and rocking chair last week)

We love the paint sprayer so much that we had to take turns using it. And then all the bending over made my back hurt too much, so I had to relinquish the task to Jeremy, which pleased him enormously.

(the big blue spot is now a big white spot.)

The whole process took around 1.5-2 hours. It would have been quicker, but we did have technical difficulties when the sprayer got clogged. Thankfully, it wasn’t permanent damage, otherwise I may be writing today from the depths of half-painted wicker depression.

This morning, the newly white wicker is back on the front porch. The rest is in the living room until the screened porch can be cleaned out and re-set up. That’s not on the list, either, but I imagine it’ll be happening pretty soon. Who needs lists, anyway?*

*I do.

not on the list

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