two more

When making the list for Clive, I listed moving the closet last, probably because I thought it’s what would take the longest.  I was moving Remy’s things from his previous nursery closet to the new nursery closet, which was probably half the size. And Remy’s closet was full. Not that I actually used all that stuff in there, but it was still full. To make matters worse, the guest bedroom (now nursery) closet was full, too.

This closet was purged and organized before Remy was born, too, which should give you terrifying idea of what it looked like before then.

Here is the after:
Ha, just kidding.

While I thought the move would take the better part of a day, it really only took an hour or so. I actually only moved the stuff that Remy really used daily, which was clothes (already in the dresser, which I just pushed down the hall) and the things in the white boxes (bibs, extra packs of wipes, shoes, sheets & things.)  The baskets are the IKEA ones that I had wanted to paint, but was talked out of changed my mind. Since the other closet was, as I said previously, twice the size of this one, all the things from this closet fit just fine over there. Hopefully soon that closet will get a thorough go-through, but for now it’s just fine.

Another thing crossed off the list! That, along with finally moving Remy’s crib, means that I don’t have too terribly much left to do. Which is good, because I’m already scheming about the former nursery-turned-guest-bedroom. And I have the feeling I’m going to need a list.

  • paint crib
  • paint rocking chair
  • paint ikea baskets
  • sew curtains
  • make clive’s name in branches
  • make mobile for changing table
  • move ephraim’s crib
  • move closet 
two more

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