fifteen months

Fifteen months today.
A little over 22 lbs, 33 inches or so.
Seven teeth, two molars.

Walks like a pro, falls like a champ.
Makes a weird squeaky sound with his pacifier when he’s amused or excited by something.
Thinks it’s HIGH-larious when Mommy imitates said sound.
Loves chase games, sticks, the cats, and putting things in holes.
All-time favorite game is to see how much of something he can hold in one hand.

Says juice, boo, ball, thank you, uh-oh, daddy, Mao.
Has a whole arsenal of frequently-used words that Mommy has yet to decipher, including dis, jesh, and something that sounds suspiciously like love you.”

Has definitely figured out what the camera is.

fifteen months

One thought on “fifteen months

  1. He is just plain cute.  I think the Jarboe side is showing dominantly at the moment.  It is fascinating to see all the changes in this little life and you have a wonderful epistle for all to see and read.  PRICELESS.

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