best seat in the house

Just my personal opinion.

We found this chair at an estate sale a couple of weeks ago. There was a marriage taking place, and a subsequent blending of households, and consequently a great number of rugs, decorative items, and furniture was being hauled off.

This chair was half-wrapped in plastic, and had a tag with $60 on it. It was an ornately carved arm chair with an enormous matching ottoman, the upholstery of which has clearly seen better days.  It was apparently greatly loved by a dog who found much pleasure in laying his head on the left-hand armrest and chewing on the carved wood. (Just a guess.)

I have a weakness for chairs. I also have a weakness for shoes and mugs, a habit I am very happy to say I’ve officially kicked and don’t even really browse those sections in Goodwill anymore. Chairs, though–chairs are hard for me.

This chair needed TLC (otherwise known as a Rug Doctor with an upholstery attachment, some sandpaper and stain, or maybe even an entire reupholstering job.) But I moved a little bit of the plastic aside and sat in it. Oh my heavens. This was probably the most comfortable chair I have ever sat in. And at 26 weeks pregnant, that was saying something, for me. There’s not a whole lot of places I can sit and actually want to stay in, these days.

Jeremy saw my look and asks what I would pay for it. (I hate this part of yard sale-ing.) The chair is amazingly comfortable, but it is super dirty. And I don’t need another chair. So I said $30–half the asking price. It’s still before 12 p.m. and there are several other people there, so it’s unlikely the seller will agree. So I made Jeremy ask, since I am really paranoid about the haggling process, still, and hate to be rejected, even if that’s sort of what I’m aiming for. 

Jeremy asked, and the seller agreed immediately, and both of our faces kind of fell–Jeremy’s because he really wanted the seller to say no, and mine because I’m now kicking myself for not saying $25, or maybe even $20, if he was that eager to get rid of it.

We brought it home and unwrapped it, and I was pleased to see that the only awfully dirty places were the places you sit (or lay your head, if you’re a dog.) So I threw the cushion covers in the wash for a couple of cycles, and they came out looking almost new. The fabric on the armrests and ottoman will still need steam cleaning, but at least I could stop looking up “how to reupholster a chair” on Google.

I’m glad we got it. It’s certainly the most comfortable piece of furniture I’ve ever owned. The best seat in the house. If you come over, I’ll fight you for it.

best seat in the house

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