“hole”-y moly

As I mentioned in his fifteen months post, Remy has been all about sticking things in holes lately. He’s been ignoring most of his toys in favor of just a few that involve this new favored activity.

(As a side note, I was mentioning this on the phone to my mom when she reminded me, “Be careful, this is when you’ll start losing things.” Uh-oh, as Remy would say.)

I ran across this post by Sue from Bloggin’ About Babies and was overjoyed when I realized I had everything I needed to make this activity. Well, I didn’t have any round-head clothes pins, but I did have some plastic bag clips (is that what they’re even called? I can’t think.) from IKEA. It took me two minutes to grab an empty coffee can, cut a square hole in the lid, and fish all of those little clip thingies from the silverware drawer.

I set them in front of Remy and showed him how to stick one of the clip-gadgets through the hole. It made a lovely clang as it fell in. That’s all it took–Remy essentially pushed my hand away to try it himself, and then happily kerplunk-ed his way through the next forty-five minutes or so. He stopped only to pick up the can when all of the closures were inside, and to shake it at me with an earnest look on his face that said, “Hey! Dump these out so I can do it again!”

Good times.

“hole”-y moly

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