sixteen months

Sixteen months.

Busy, busy, busy. Learning boundaries and to obey Mommy.
Has developed a real love for Mommy’s stuffed kitty.
Loves to pretend to “snooze” and to lounge on pillows.

Likes to play chase.
LOVES to be read to; has started “reading” to himself and to Mommy.
Is somewhat over the novelty of putting things in holes.
Strangers comment on how tall he is for his age.

Is suddenly ticklish.
Faces forward in the car.
Got his tongue “fixed” and can finally blow raspberries with it.
Loves to be outdoors; a little gardener-in-training.

Eleven teeth (seven in the front, four molars.)
Favorite food is Greek yogurt with fruit.
Has mostly grasped to be gentle with the cats.
Not a baby, anymore.

sixteen months

One thought on “sixteen months

  1. No, he isn’t a baby anymore.  Oh, how fast the time goes!  He is growing and changing everyday.  Thanks for giving the rest of us a peek into those changes with your posts. 🙂

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