Dear Remy, 

August 12 is just around the corner, and that means you’ll be a big brother very soon. 

I am going to do my best to document these last few weeks of you as an only child. I’m both pleased and a little sad that you’ll never remember it being just “us”, but I am so excited to see you grow into the role of eldest child. Your middle name means “defender of man”.  That’s what we pray you will be for your little brother. 

Today we played in the playroom and you kept coming over to sit with me. There’s not a whole lot of room left on my lap, and Clive jumps and kicks when you lean back against me. Those are my favorite moments. 

I also got three kisses in a row, this afternoon. Then the fourth time when I asked for a kiss, you took your paci out and stuck it in my mouth. Knowing how keenly you love your paci, I take that as a very great gift on your part. 

Today you said “kitty” for the first time, and ran around all afternoon in only a diaper. 
When it was time for bed, you held your arms out for your crib, then waved and said “bye-bye” to me. 
I am trying to teach you the sign for “I love you.” So far you just giggle when I do it. I guess it is sort of funny looking. But I mean it. 🙂

Love, Mommy


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