seventeen months

has developed a love of walking on his tip-toes. 
(it started with just the right foot, but has now also spread to the left.) 
runs with his arms extended in front of him–palms up–when he is really excited about something.
likes to spin in circles and occasionally walk backwards.
the former is much more exciting if done while Mommy is saying “spinny circles, spinny circles!” 

is learning “if this, then that”; i.e. “if you eat your eggs, then you may have some jelly toast.”
prefers to feed himself.
signals he is done eating by saying “doot-doot” [thank you] and handing pieces of food back to mommy.
has learned to call the cat by emitting a high-pitched keee-keee-keee-keee! while opening and closing his outstretched hand. 
(cat has not learned to be called by this method yet.) 

brings books to Mommy with an enthusiastic boo-KAH! 
(Mommy realizes she may have over-emphasized that final k in “book.”)
still cries when dropped off at the nursery. 
says about 25 words 
starts singing “The Whiffenpoof Song” when Mommy asks if he’s ready to go snooze.

 has been granted Free [Supervised] Reign of the Lower Level since showing he can respect boundaries. 
FINALLY likes to give [closed-mouth] kisses.
still loves his crib. 
has all four premolars and eight front teeth. 
both upper eyeteeth are currently coming in at once.
has a little bit of a Luke Skywalker in A New Hope hairdo going on. 
only has approximately one month left as an only child.

seventeen months

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