the day is here

Dear Remy, 

You’re officially a big brother!  Your little brother, Clive, was born four days ago. We brought him home, and you were interested in him immediately; you tried to play peek-a-boo with him. We can ask you “Where is Clive?” and you look for him. You’ve done a great job in your role so far. 

You’re almost eighteen months old and talking up a storm. Grandfather and GranMaggie have been staying with us, and you are so excited to see “Maggie” and “Boggie” (not sure where that name came from?) when you wake up each morning. 

You’ve taken a real shine to singing, dancing, and stomping, and playing the piano in the dining room.  And horn concertos (courtesy of Boggie Grandfather). I was personally hoping that the accordion would be your first instrument, but the french horn is ok, too. 



the day is here

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