eighteen months

Talks up a storm, though we can’t understand 90% of what is said.

Uses the word “daddy” to refer both to his father and to forks. (Not sure why.)

Does not care two hoots for crayons or coloring. 

Will spend large amounts of time trying to build things out of common materials. 

Has found a great love of any and all vehicles, airplanes in particular. 

Gets very excited when we see a train; cries when we drive past it. 

Loves to hide and sit in corners. 

Has fourteen teeth total. 

Enjoys being with people but seems to be relieved when put in his crib for independent play time…my little introvert. 

Still possesses a strong dislike of vegetables. 

Has yet to find his “inside voice.”

Likes to stomp his feet and walk on his tippy-toes. 

Knows almost all the songs that play on his Pandora station. 

Tries his best to “count” things (He has “two” and “nine” down pat.) 

Is doing pretty dang well in his new role as Big Brother.



eighteen months

One thought on “eighteen months

  1. You forgot: Shrieks the words “Dah-DEE!”, but gently says, “Momma”.  Loves to bounce like a trampoline in the crib!  Loves to watch someone playing the french horn.  Says “Toot! Toot!” for big trucks.  🙂

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