nineteen months

still a chatterbox. (do I even still need to include that?) 

Mommy has lost track of all the words he’s learned this month.

loves to play Mr. Potato Head. 

lives to go outside. (“‘Side? ‘Side? ‘Side?”)

has taken a real interest in music.

“plays” and sings to his own songs on the piano.

has a fairly good sense of rhythm. 

sings his lullaby with Mommy (while making up his own words.) Tries to match her pitch–sometimes succeeds. 

(Mommy tries to keep a straight face while he does this–sometimes succeeds.) 

still a notoriously picky eater. 

cannot control his enthusiasm for dogs (ruff-ruff) and cats (keee).

has finally come to terms with being dropped off at the church nursery. 

likes to go places–just anywhere. (“Go? Go?”)

has developed the habit of putting random objects in containers, then “drinking” them. 

loves to hop, hop, hop. 

is developing a mild obsession with cars (caaaw) and airplanes.

drops his paci down decorative vases. Two minutes later, cannot find his paci.

has affectionately named his crochet blankets “My”.

likes to kiss his baby brother. 



nineteen months

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