twenty months

the big 2-0. months, anyway. 

Mommy just realized how very close we are to two years. 

got his third haircut last week. hasn’t been mistaken for a girl since. 

it took four people and Steamboat Willie to accomplish said haircut. 

loves the toy section at Cracker Barrel. bypasses all the pink girly things and goes straight for the cars, trucks, planes, trains and balls. whoever came up with the notion that there are “no boys toys or girls toys” has clearly never met my son.

is going through a fearful stage–currently refusing to climb the stairs.

likes to “count” going up the stairs, though. Has two, three, six, and nine down pat. 

says a new word almost everyday.

has developed a new heart-wrenching “sad face”. Mommy thinks he may have learned it from Baby Brother. 

still loves his music.

is getting astonishingly good at matching pitch. 

has thankfully learned to say “shhh!”–though he still doesn’t quite grasp the concept of being shushed and what that entails.

morphs into a loud, monosyllabic, pidgin tongue when he’s really excited about something.

it sounds like he’s preaching.

Mommy and Daddy are claiming that one. 

likes to sit in chairs. 

is showing signs of being ready to potty train.

only uses the paci at naps, bedtime, and when playing in his crib.

growing every day. 



twenty months

One thought on “twenty months

  1. Remy Honey, You are so blessed (and we are too).  When you are older and read your momma’s treasured words about your life, you will enjoy every word, phrase, and heart felt emotion.  I LOVE what your momma has done for you and Clive.  And my dear, you are one handsome little boy.

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