three months

Clive was born three months, one hour, and twenty-four minutes ago. 

likes to talk, talk, talk. 

is very interested in his big brother.

has learned to sleep unswaddled.

takes twice as long to eat as previously, as he keeps remembering Very Important Things to tell mommy. 

is even more talkative than big brother was at this age. 

mommy is not sure if this is good or bad. 

looks very, very much like daddy. 

wears a sweet, dreamy, docile expression 78% of the time.

the other 22%…is not so docile. 

mommy is fairly certain he’ll be one of those kids who has to pick all the lint from between his toes before he can go to sleep at night. 

not that she knows anyone like that. 

not that she ever did that. 

probably still doesn’t know we have a cat. 

has really, truly, officially decided that it’s OK if he is in the car seat sometimes.

has a funny way of letting his eyes roll back in his head when he’s going to sleep.

is too long for his 3 month sleepers.

is getting so big so fast. 

three months

One thought on “three months

  1. I love it, especially the part where he can be in the car seat.  Hooray–Master Clive.  As always, it is wonderful when you share with all of us his monthly changes.  Keeps us in the loop and of course your whit is always outstanding.

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