twenty-one months

likes his crib so much that he doesn’t want to get out in the morning.

has discovered that he can jump on the mattress without holding on to the rails. 

added two more steps to his nap- and nighttime routine: an old stuffed animal of mommy’s, and a darling if well-rehearsed “wove wooo”.

has grasped the meaning of kisses.


likes to name every car we pass while driving. (“Car, car, car, car!”)

gets very upset if he thinks someone is doing something to baby brother.

has definitely found his will and is tentatively exerting it. 

when I say “tentatively” I mean the opposite of tentatively.

is starting to lose some of the babyish Remy-Speak words.

“ah-pee” has become “ah-plane”

“side-side” has become “out-side”

“pee-pee” has become “pizza”

(thank goodness)

still as independent as ever.

can turn anything into a drum. (and does.)

loves to run and run and run and hop. 

is exuberant and full of life.

twenty-one months

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