five months

knows we have a cat, now. 

is extremely interested at all times in whatever Big Brother is working at. 

loves to make phhhhbbt sounds.

lucky boy got to go to the ER again this month. 

Mama would like to not be so lucky anymore. 

please and thank you. 

weighs somewhere around 15-16 lbs. 

or possibly more.

that was a really big growth spurt we just went through last week. 

is learning to sit up for [very] brief periods.

does not quite understand how to work the johnny-jump-up.

likes music, and to hear Mama sing. 

tries to sing along. 

doesn’t mind the accordion too much. 

officially has daddy’s hair and eyes. 

really likes moving his tongue around. 

no teeth. 

no problem. 

five months

One thought on “five months

  1. Was waiting for this entry.  Love to hear the progress of the month and the new facts.  Such a little love.  I know you have enjoyed keeping these journals and they will be priceless in the future.

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