twenty-three months

twenty-three months old. practically to the point where Mama will get funny looks if she keeps telling people his age in months. 

time to switch to years. 

can turn anything into a drum and/or a drumstick. 



lincoln logs.

eating utensils.


Mr. Potato Head pieces. 

suddenly and mysteriously turned into a little boy this month. 

Mama has pictures to prove it.  

current obsession is wanga-wangas (a Remy-Speak word meaning “fan”, derived from the fact that they “go round and round”.) 

will eat sweet potatoes at Cracker Barrel but not at home. 

loves Mama’s “beek” (biscuits) and gravy. 


“busy” doesn’t really cover it. 

is always, going, going, going. 

likes to say “go go go!!” as he is going, going, going. 

loves to run and run and run and hop and hop and run more. 

has an adorable wiggly dance that he does to music he really likes. 

which is pretty much all music. 

asks Mama to sing and dance with him. 

likes to play the Pee-No (piano). (Not to be confused with Pee-doo, which is playdough.)

is very deliberate about it. 

Mama is not surprised. 

has a love-hate relationship with accordion music. Sometimes smiles and dances, sometimes cries. Still prefers a polka. 

has made-up lyrics for pretty much every song he knows.

has become an expert at trying to change the subject when he is in trouble. 

one morning he suddenly remembered it was time for nah-nah as Mama was scolding him for throwing toys. 

quite the little man. 


twenty-three months

One thought on “twenty-three months

  1. Love the pics.  You have caught different places, actions, and expressions.  You will TREASURE these in the later years.  He really is all boy.  Love it.  And my dear, isn’t it wonderful to have clean floors?  My luck, take a great pic and the floor is full of dust and can’t show it.  Congratulations.  You are a wonderful mom and keeping up with the home.  Priceless.

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