six months

half a year. 

no idea of height and weight; we have been avoiding going to the doctor in the hopes that we can avoid any hospital visits in the near future.

seems solidly average in his six month clothes, though. 

is a happy little man who is always ready to laugh. 

is a sensitive little man who is always ready to burst into tears.

no longer appreciates being rocked to sleepy–he would rather talk himself to sleep. 

oh well.

it was nice while it lasted. 

likes to make d and sounds. 



we dropped the dreamfeed this month; now sleeping twelve hours straight at night.

knows we have a cat. 

ADORES said cat.

has eyes that are certainly turning brown, but are still a darkish blue ’round the edges. 

lives for Big Brother to come see him.

does not like it when Big Brother jumps on him accidentally.

loves Mama and Daddy, too. 

thinks it is very funny when Mama shakes her head back and forth and says that it’s “time for a twiggy snooze!” 

Mama hopes he still thinks it’s funny when he’s sixteen.

and that he doesn’t mind her calling him “Twiggy”. 





six months

One thought on “six months

  1. Oh Erin, I could eat you up because of the joy you share when writing about your children.  It’s wonderful.  We learn so much and it is wonderful to hear.  And, our fellow is absolutely CUTE.

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