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Not long ago, while walking the trail at a local national park, we came upon the perfect little glen filled with long, yellow weeds grass that was just breathtaking in its golden serenity.

I knew right then that I needed to take someone’s picture there–preferably in an ornate antique chair–and, thankfully, Lindsey was willing to take me up on that offer!

Of course, I then reflected that it was sort of a walk to get there. Or a trek, really.

“How long of a walk?” I was asked.

“Oh…not long.” It had only taken a few minutes for us to get there, ourselves…or was it fifteen? I couldn’t remember. Thirty? But we were walking with a toddler…and I was taking pictures along the way…surely it couldn’t take that long!

Fortunately, a week or so later, I found a spot nearly identical to my little glen at another part of the park, only this time it was right across the street from a parking lot. This is a very good thing, since it meant I didn’t have to carry the big, ornate, antique chair for forty-five minutes (I really can’t remember how far it was) and I wouldn’t be responsible for sending my friend into pre-term labor by dragging her out to some remote place for pictures.

Unfortunately, Lindsey is such a breathtakingly beautiful pregnant lady that it has been extremely difficult to choose which pictures I would share here on my blog (because I for sure can’t post all 150-or-so that I liked, right?) But here are my very favoritest favorites. 🙂



lindsey :: {hello, life}

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