seven months

finally learned to sit up this month–though it’s still a struggle sometimes. apparently his backside is just a little too round for balancing properly. 

also likes to slouch a bit while sitting. 

mama is practicing her scolding tone. 

Clive! Stop slouching!

has learned to fake cough very well, and uses it for many purposes, including but not limited to: getting ladies’ attention in the supermarket; drawing his brother into fake cough duets; as a warning bell that a screaming fit is about to occur should his immediate circumstances not change within the next thirty seconds or so. 

has a smile that lights up his whole face. 

received another round of antibiotics for an ear infection, the doses of which he used to refine his art of spitting out medicine by blowing raspberries. 

is SUPER ticklish. 

has discovered that the Johnny-Hang-Around can actually be used for bouncing. 

cares little for pacifiers; prefers to suck on his index and middle finger of his left hand while his right arm is thrown over his eyes. 

has made peace with the coffee bean grinder. 

most days.

loves, loves, loves:

the cat. 

his brother. 

the man with the furry face (A.K.A. Daddy).


to bounce. 
to laugh.

to drool on things.

is generally pensive and quieter than big brother was at this age (though not necessarily quiet.)

a sixteen-and-a-half-pound bundle of sweetness. 

seven months

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