eight months

(or, eight months and a couple of days) 

finally mastered sitting up this month, though Mama still puts a boppy around him just in case. 

being able to sit up meant he officially started solids.

officially starting solids meant he learned he hates virtually all solids.

except toast, things spread on toast, and yogurt. 

things are improving, though. 

(that’s a spinach and cheese sandwich in his hand.)

explores new things by poking at them with his pointed index finger.

is perfecting his “grabbiness” skills.

you have to watch him–he is quick as lightning. 

is still somewhat reluctant to babble (compared to big brother at this age).

is far more giggly and easily amused (compared to big brother at this age).

loves to sit on the floor with his basket of toys, pull them all out and inspect them, then have Mama put them all back so he can do it again.

the cat likes to keep him company while he does this.

has learned to clap his hands and make Mama laugh by grinning and leaning waaaaaaay over to the right. 

has discovered that shaking his head at grown-ups will cause them to shake their heads back.

is becoming remarkably skilled at moving the walker around the living room.

loves, loves, loves his Daddy.

is a happy, happy baby boy. 

eight months

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