a woodsy walk, v. 4.21.13 :: {personal}

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon, and we had just spent the last couple of hours listening to Elder Muse chatter through his nap.

thousand hills

We should go somewhere,” I said.
So we did; I packed a dinner for the kids, and we went someplace we haven’t been in a while.

thousand hills-3
We knew this place seven years ago, when we first moved to the city, and had friends that worked in the complex. Back then, this little spot was not much, and the building that now houses the coffee shop was, as I recall, abandoned and about to be condemned.

thousand hills-4
Thankfully, someone had a better plan for it.

thousand hills-7
While the grills, pool, and outdoor fireplace are for residents of the community, the coffee shop is open to the public; visiting affords you the right to meander the breathtaking grounds. Trees, flowers, ferns, rock cliffs, winding paths and the Chattahoochee.

thousand hills-12
thousand hills-13

thousand hills-15
thousand hills-23
This could be our backyard,” I say. He agrees, and we both start dreaming. That’s the one big part of our house that we’ve not quite begun work on, yet. We don’t have a river, but we do have a creek.

thousand hills-22
thousand hills-18
thousand hills-26
thousand hills-27
thousand hills-28
thousand hills-29
We all slept better for our excursion, last night.

a woodsy walk, v. 4.21.13 :: {personal}

One thought on “a woodsy walk, v. 4.21.13 :: {personal}

  1. Pam Krans says:

    I love the scenery, the pics and thought of doing a family thing Sunday afternoon. Did I tell you ‘I love’?

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