nine months

three-quarters of our first year–done and gone. 

this month saw an increased proficiency in sitting up, with only a handful of head bonks. 

most were garnered by leaning forward too far to grab at a toy. 

this month also saw an increased proficiency in grabbiness.

has become incredibly mobile in the walker. 

big brother has to watch out for his toys.

and his toes. 

leans waaaaaaay over to look at you sideways if he wants to get your attention.

grins once he gets it.

is the only member of the family who doesn’t seem to have a “thinking face”.

reserves his angry looks for when he’s actually upset. 

which isn’t too terribly often.

is quite fond of “d” sounds. 

shakes his head when asked to say “mama”. 

LOVES his kitty and his big brother and when Daddy comes home. 

can barely contain his excitement when Mama comes to get him up from naptime. 

is a sweet, sweet boy, and a cuddlebug. 

giggles like a chipmunk when he is truly pleased with something.

tonight, it was feeding himself sweet potatoes that did it.

finally has one solitary tooth starting to poke through his gums. 

the bottom right one. can you see it? 

nine months

One thought on “nine months

  1. Goodness, I thought I would never get in this rectangle to tell you how much I love the commentary and current statics of our little man.  He is something else!!  Blessings to you, Momma, for keeping us in the loop.

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