nine months for littlest muse :: {personal}

Littlest Muse turned nine months today.

While we ate dinner, we looked at the clock and reminisced about what we were doing at that time nine months previously. At 6:10, they had just broken by water. (Fifty-five minutes later, at 7:05 p.m., Littlest Muse would make his appearance.)

nine months-14
nine months-12

These pictures were taken with the quilt half-covering the sofa and half on the floor, in the sitting room; the part of the house that gets the best light.

I can’t put him on the floor without The Cat showing up almost immediately.

nine months-13

He actually was really not happy with having his pictures done, today.

I tried to tell him it was because he was nine months old, but I am not sure he believed me.

Secretly I am glad he doesn’t like to have his picture taken, sometimes. It is a good excuse to practice.

nine months-16

nine months-10

Mr. Drool. That tooth is almost here.

nine months-5

What worked for us? Peek-a-boo under blankets; singing songs; some toys.

nine months-2

The Cat didn’t really help too much.

nine months-3

nine months

Here’s to the next nine months.

nine months for littlest muse :: {personal}

One thought on “nine months for littlest muse :: {personal}

  1. Pam Krans says:

    Almost couldn’t access our beautiful pics. My computer doesn’t always like me and I don’t like it. Mr. Drool is bringing our first tooth? He is rather toothless for this age. I love the peek-a-boo series. He knows how to get mom’s attention.

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