ten months

Has a definite list of “People Who Are OK” and “People Who Are Not OK”

Spent this month becoming more chatty and expressive with the People Who Are OK. 

Will say “da-da” purposefully to Daddy, “khhhhheeeee” to Kitty (with much guttural enthusiasm), and “na-na-na-na” to Mama.

That last one isn’t a mistake. I remember it from when Big Brother was this age. 

It means “feed me”.

The good thing about the lists is that you can become OK simply by remaining quietly outside his personal space for, oh, 15-20 minutes before saying “hello”. 

The bad thing is that, sometimes, you think you’re on the OK list, then he goes and gives you the evil scrunchy face for no reason whatsoever.


Finally has a tooth (and a half). 

Loves to zip, zip, zip around the room in his walker. 

Doesn’t exactly walk in the walker–takes three or four strides, then pulls his feet up and coasts. 

Also is fond of running over Big Brother in the walker. 


Still likes to stick out his tongue. 

Still investigates new objects by poking them with his index finger. 

Still is quick to laugh, quick to cry. (Depending on which list you’re on.) 

Has begun to have breath holding spells when faced with frightening or painful situations. 

Like Big Brother pushing his walker into the buffet at high speeds. 

Or getting his shots at the doctor’s office. 

Or a little too rowdy a round of “This Little Light of Mine” at the dinner table. (“Hide it under a bushel…NO!”) 

We’ll tease him about that when he’s older.

Is every day becoming a little more Himself, and I couldn’t love him more for it. 

Lists and all.






ten months

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