ashlyn & kevin {hello, life} | atlanta maternity photography

It was a very beautiful but very humid evening that found this lovely couple and I going for a stroll in the woods; our goal was to capture memories of their family-of-two before it became a family-of-three.

My chief goal as a photographer is not just to take pictures, but to allow for the entire session to be part of the memory made–for it to be recalled fondly as images are shared, for conversations to be remembered, for jokes to be retold, for awkward moments to find new humor.

Kevin and Ashlyn jumped right in at my suggestion (not literally, as it was way to hot for any real jumping) and filled their session with talk about the sweet little boy that is about to join their family. It was such a joyful evening for me, and I’m so pleased to share some of my favorites from the session here.

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ashlyn & kevin {hello, life} | atlanta maternity photography

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