starry, starry afternoon :: {personal}

I followed Remy outside, today, watching while he dashed around the backyard with the neighbor cat. We’re on vacation, staying with family at their home near the beach; the late afternoon not only brings a lovely shade to their yard, it creates a perfect sparkle of light through the scrubby Florida trees. Excellent atmosphere for some practice with the Lensbaby.

Jeremy got me the Composer for my birthday, and at first I was somewhat daunted by (not to mention totally ignorant of) what exactly the lens was supposed to do. I broke the ice first by using it in our garden, and now I am seriously concerned that people on Facebook are going to get sick of a photo’s caption reading “shot with a Lensbaby Composer”. I really love the lens.

That lovely light I mentioned before made for a great opportunity to use one of the Lensbaby creative aperture additions, and the neighbor cat made Remy’s afternoon (since our cat won’t give him the time of day.)

starry afternoon-4
starry afternoon

starry afternoon-2

starry afternoon-3

starry afternoon1
starry afternoon-8

starry afternoon1-3
starry afternoon1-2

starry afternoon-5
starry afternoon-6
starry afternoon-7
starry afternoon-11
starry afternoon-9
starry afternoon-10

starry afternoon-17
starry afternoon-14

starry afternoon-13

starry afternoon-15

starry, starry afternoon :: {personal}

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