thirteen months :: {personal}

c 13 months-2
Master Clive is going to be a big brother next year, and he has managed to catch a bit of middle-child syndrome already in the fact that I’ve been ridiculously late posting the last two monthly updates for him. Sorry, Twigs.

c 13 months-3
This month saw a couple of welcome changes:

The first was that his picky eating pattern reversed, and he began to really chow down at his mealtimes. Since Big Brother’s picky eating suddenly manifested at this age, Mama was very pleased to have the opposite happen.

The second was that he finally graduated from Immobile Lump to Professional Butt-Scooter. Still no crawling, but he can really make a mad dash across the floor and into whatever Big Brother is playing with, which exasperates him to no end.

When he is truly pleased with something, he stops scooting, sits up, and spins himself in a circle once or twice.

c 13 months-4
On the unwelcome front, of course it would be the very week that Mama’s morning sickness and fatigue hit full force that he would enter the dreaded 2-1 nap transition and begin refusing to nap in the afternoons. The situation, fortunately, has been remedied–just in time for Mama’s morning sickness and fatigue to start to wane.

And on the totally unexpected front: somehow he managed to cut a molar without my knowing. Not sure how that happened.

c 13 months-5
(That posture above is the classic Clive Is Ready For Snoozing pose. He has done that since he was only a couple of months old.)

Always a deliberate and emphatic talker, this month the little Master began to develop his own unique lexicon to include such gems as “gonk” (milk) and “gogurt” (yogurt).

While Big Brother spent most of this age babbling about everything whether someone was listening or not, Clive looks right at you and says a sentence. Then he waits for you to respond. (Or comply? I’m not sure.)

And if you don’t comply, just watch out, because there is possibly a tantrum and/or breath-holding spell about to follow.

Needless to say, Dobson’s “The Strong-Willed Child” was on Mama’s reading list this month.

Just in case.

c 13 months

thirteen months :: {personal}

One thought on “thirteen months :: {personal}

  1. Pam Krans says:

    Mercy me, he is something else. Our cutie with his ‘own’ bent in life. Isn’t it fascinating to think of life 20 years from now? What will our little ones become? Mom and Dad’s favorites in all the world for sure!! Love the words, Erin.

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