sweetness and sleepyheads :: {personal}

clive post nap 900x600
clive post nap 900x600-2

Around 11:30 a.m. is one of my very favorite moments of the day.

Clive takes a short nap in the morning–short because, if it’s long, he won’t sleep again for the rest of the day. Then he is cranky. And he’s a pretty awful cranky, as cute as he is. (I am pretty awful cranky, too.)

So to preserve our sleep–and our sanity–I keep his first nap short.

He’s almost always sound asleep when I go in to get him. clive post nap 900x600-4

Ephraim is a light sleeper, like I am; usually he sits up straightaway when you walk into his room, even if his eyes are still closed.

Not Clive. Clive is a heavier sleeper, like his daddy. He is still asleep when I pick him up, wrapped in his handmade crochet blankies, sucking on his first two fingers like he’s done for forever.

I’ll hold him like that for a few minutes, just rocking slightly, and sometimes he’ll crack an eye open at me and then close it again. He’s awake now, but he’s content. I am too.

clive post nap 900x600-3

Best moment of the day.

clive post nap 900x600-6

sweetness and sleepyheads :: {personal}

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