rainy days {personal}

It was one of those days, today–the kind that blindside you at about 2 p.m. and make you wonder when bedtime is, even though you’ve got hours to go. One of those days so out-of-place (like temperatures in the 70’s in December, even here in the South) that you would pick up your brood and head for the park except that the sheer effort of loading everyone into the car would be too much. One of those days where you haul everyone out to the tiny front yard instead, to sit on the porch and wave to the mailman, before you even realize that you’re a photographer and the mid-afternoon foggy light is just dreamy, and surely snapping a few pictures would make you feel better. And you’re right.

rainy days

rainy days-4

rainy days-3Perspective is important, and so I really don’t like to talk about my life in words like “chaos” or “handful”.  But the truth is that in addition to my photography, I’m a full-time Mama to two little boys two-and-under who are every bit as busy as they are adorable, with a third on the way (who already gives me a run for my money by getting into distinctly un-comfy positions and merrily kicking away.) I waited a long time for those beautiful boys to come into my life–they are my treasures. And my goodness, don’t I sometimes have to haul my precious jewels outdoors so they can wave to the mailman and play in the mud, and aren’t we all happier for it.

And then it starts to rain…

rainy days-6

rainy days-5

And I have this moment of panic where I wonder if I should haul everyone back in–and a moment of satisfaction that I was too tired to go to the park–before I realize that two treasures in a tiny front yard in the rainy, foggy mid-afternoon is probably the very best thing that could have happened on one-of-those-days like today.

rainy days-31

rainy days-9

rainy days-10

One of the reasons I love family photography so much is how imperfect it can be. It’s hard to wrangle kids who’d rather be napping or newborns who should be napping, but won’t now that the photographer is here. Photographing children can be incredibly unpredictable. Kind of like…life? Maybe that’s why some of my favorite pictures are of the crying baby who won’t be shushed or the toddler that won’t look at the camera for all the cookies in the world. It’s life; it’s one of the best things that could ever happen to us. It’s the bad day that pushes you outside where it begins to rain. It’s the Grace of God.

rainy days-13

rainy days-12

rainy days-11

rainy days-7

rainy days-14

rainy days-15

rainy days-25

rainy days-17

rainy days-18

rainy days-20

rainy days-21

rainy days-22

rainy days-23

rainy days-33

rainy days-34

rainy days-27

rainy days-28

rainy days-29

And then the part where everyone hauls back inside for a warm bath and french toast dinner–the icing on the cake. Thank goodness for those days, and the comfort that follows.

rainy days {personal}

3 thoughts on “rainy days {personal}

  1. Pam Krans says:

    Love it, Erin. The shots are priceless and the sentiment for you and the family, the same. It is precious to let them get wet, dirty and tired. How fun for them!!

  2. GranMaggie says:

    Beautiful. The pictures are fantastic and the words so…so…perfect. I can almost taste being there on that foggy warm-rain-on-my-head kinda afternoon.

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