seventeen months

Master Clive turned seventeen months yesterday. This was a milestone for me, because Ephraim was seventeen months old when we brought Clive home, and he suddenly felt so huge. By default, seventeen months feels like all the difference between baby and toddler.


Because Ephraim at seventeen months is firmly branded in my mind, this birthday (anniversary? Month-iversary?) really highlights the differences in their personalities. While his big brother was enthusiastic, independent and talked a blue streak, this little man is affectionate, reticent and undeterred. He generally will not engage in activities that are not directly and immediately beneficial. He’s not interested in repeating words unless he wants to, and we realized recently that he is perfectly capable of walking–he just won’t.


Of course, I realized recently that his names mean “Cliff” (blunt?) and “Famous Warrior” (not a recipe for docility or compliance) so it’s no wonder that he is the way he is.  Mea culpa.


He enthusiastically says “bye-bye, bye-bye!” to the check-out lady at the grocery store before leaning over and trying to give her a kiss. He still will not do that with Mama. Trying not to take that one personally as that was basically his not-so-subtle hint that he was ready to leave. Can we leave now? Bye-bye. Mwah. Thanks.


His interests are simple–Music; things that growl/roar; things with wheels; books; food; climbing the stairs; putting on his shoes so we can “Go!”; Daddy; Ah-hum (Ephraim); the things he is forbidden to touch, such as Mama’s phone (which he calls the “no-no”) and the open dishwasher.


He has a fabulous belly-laugh that he unleashes at very predictable times (like when big brother toots or when the Swedish Chef is on) and very unpredictable times (like out of nowhere in the car, or during very silent and reverent moments of a Christmas Eve service.) His internal monologue must be beyond hilarious. It’s hard not to laugh when he does.

He’s his own little man–stubborn and direct and daring and silly and loving and unbelievably sweet. Next month brings a real milestone–the official step into toddlerhood–and he only gets more interesting from here on out.

seventeen months

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