eighteen months

This post is so late. So, so, so late.

clive 18 mos-5

First there was this freak snowstorm–which meant that Jeremy was home to help me with many, many projects that the nesting bug demanded be completed RIGHT NOW, and in that manic flurry of activity, the day for this post just drifted on by…

Then there was the day that where the time I had allotted for writing this already-late update was spent instead in Labor & Delivery being monitored for pre-term labor…

It’s nothing personal, Master Clive, I promise.

Well, maybe I was holding out to see if you’d start walking.

You did take four steps Saturday night. Then nothing.

You’re such a stubborn little man.

clive 18 mos-8

This month saw a huge growth of vocabulary and talking, including pseudo-sentences he’s picked up from Big Brother, like “I see a _____” and “I need _____”, as well as an adorable, nasal, drawn-out “naaaoooo” which makes a lovely complement to a simple shake of the head.

Emerging alongside this talking spurt has come a whole slough of Clive-isms, such as wanting to “at” (instead of “eat”) and the insistence that cars say “boop-boop”.

clive 18 mos-7He is in desperate need of another haircut.  ANOTHER. Haircut. Just how often are you supposed to have to do that, anyway?

clive 18 mos-6

He has become quite the music aficionado, and can be heard frantically calling “More, more!?!” whenever a song we’re listening to ends. In the mornings, when I get him out of bed, he goes straight for the stereo in his room and asks for more music.

He is enthralled with his brother’s drumming skills and tries to emulate him whenever possible. He still hasn’t quite caught on to the fact that it’s best to keep your hands away from the same drum head that your Big Brother is playing on. Or, at least, he is still convinced that there is a way for them to play the same drum simultaneously.

clive 18 mosHe has proved himself quite the man of mischief, finding great joy in stunts like finding things on the floor and sitting by it while saying “yucky, yucky” until Mama looks to see what it is, at which point he will pick up said yucky thing and pretend to put it in his mouth.

clive 18 mos-2For being such a cuddly person, he has developed a very strangely strong sense of personal space when it comes to his brother touching him. Of course, he did get quite a few eye pokes in those first few months of life. Not that he hasn’t already given back more than his fair share. I suppose that’s just brotherhood for you.

clive 18 mos-4In another strange turn of events, he is most willing to drop whatever he’s doing so that we can “go, go” in the “car-car”(boop, boop!). Mama only finds this odd as he spent the first 4-5 months of life screaming any time he had to be in the car or carseat. Just goes to show you that even the best of us can change our minds about things.







eighteen months

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