the new normal

On Thursday, on the first day of Spring, you are two days into your New Normal; you decide to stay in your pajamas for once, and to keep the kids in theirs, too. Tomorrow you’re going to tackle the grocery store for the first time with three littles in tow, but today you’ve nowhere to be, and you’re going to take advantage of it.

new normal-10

You wonder if you’ll seriously regret taking a picture of yourself in pajamas, but rationalize that you can’t see your face and you never take self-portraits, ever, though you have a new remote shutter release that you’ll be trying out soon to capture some pictures of yourself and your three boys and you’ll be dressed properly for those so hopefully that’ll make up for it.

You don’t make your bed because you’re planning on washing the sheets, which you then forget to do because you have spent the morning nursing the baby and playing trains with the Big Brothers.

new normal-11

You think to yourself that you’ll have to write a post soon explaining the art hanging above your headboard.

Your three-year-old spends the morning asking you to come make train tracks, and then sits in your lap while you build. When he isn’t, you take pictures of him. He’s gone from older to eldest and you still can’t quite believe it.

new normal-9 new normal-8 new normal-5Your newly-christened Middle Son is content to play by himself and won’t look at the camera, possibly because he is still miffed that you won’t let him hang on to the side of the pack-n-play and bounce up and down, shaking the whole thing while yelling, “Baby, baby!” while his new baby brother is trying to sleep inside.

new normal-6 new normal-3new normal-7

You make it up to him by reading twice as many books as normal before his naptime. He kisses you night-night, and all is forgiven.

Of course, the New Kid liked trains before trains were cool and shows his disdain by just sleeping through all the fun, a pouty expression on his face. new normal

He’ll come around.

new normal-2

the new normal

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