many meetings

We all got to know each other a little bit, today.

initiation-11The big boys have, of course, met Anselm, but he’s not really been awake enough to meet them back.

initiationClearly it was an eye-opening experience.


It’s so interesting to see the different approaches that the big brothers take. Clive is very excited about him, but once he realizes Mama will not let him poke the baby’s eyes or smack him on the head, he loses interest quickly.

initiation-2Ephraim is much gentler (having already had one baby’s eyes to poke and therefore having lost the novelty somewhat). He is obsessed with “smelling” the baby. He says he smells good. Seeing as Anselm still has his umbilical cord stub attached and thusly hasn’t had a proper bath, I am not really sure I agree. To each his own, I guess.


initiation-8 initiation-7 initiation-5It is exciting to me to see the camaraderie blossoming between the three of them. And–until Anselm is old enough to give back as much as he’ll no doubt get from his older brothers–a little alarming, too.


initiation-3Don’t worry, buddy: they love you already.

many meetings

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